Dr. Anna Skaggs

Coach, Human Movement Expert, Expander of Boundaries

I help people push beyond their current boundaries of body, mind, and soul. 

We all have boundaries, whether self-created in our mind or states of current physical existence. However, we don't have to settle for living inside those confined spaces. The human body is capable of great change when the physiological systems are challenged appropriately; the mind can create new thought-patterns when practiced, which lead to new realities; and the soul craves to expand into its true calling and can do so when given the chance.

You can absolutely expand your boundaries and excel to greater heights. I'd love to help. Take action now by clicking on the consult button and get started with a free 30-minute conversation. 

Personal Coaching

Nobody needs coaching, but magic happens when you invest in yourself and in your growth with a professional partner by your side.  These sessions are designed to help you begin asking the right questions and explore your possibilities. 


Movement Coaching

I specialize in coaching teens wanting to take their athletic skills to the next level and who are willing to do the work and in adults who are ready to own their fitness journey for good. 

Let's Keep In Touch!

At least once a month I'll provide a perspective to help broaden your boundaries or to simply shine a little light onto your sliver of the world. 

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