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Anna Skaggs

The Official Word

Anna Skaggs is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedics, human movement, and sport and athletic performance. She is a former collegiate athlete, has raced in multiple triathlons and half marathons, is a former CrossFit athlete, and is now an expert at cross-training in her home gym. She is also a certified life coach, certified yoga instructor, and has spent years studying yogic philosophy, meditation, personal growth, and mindfulness. She has self-published an e-book, The Simple Cure to Neck and Upper Back Pain.

As a natural leader, Anna lives her talk and leads by example. She will not ask anyone to do something she hasn't tried herself.

Anna is a proud returned Peace Corps Volunteer, having served as a rural community health advocate in Benin, West Africa for two years. She has traveled to 16 countries and lived in 7 states. She has now established roots and calls the High Rockies of Colorado home.

The Unofficial Word

Hi, I'm Anna.


I played team sports all through my years growing up and during that time I played on teams that never won a single game all season, and I played on teams that never lost a single game all season. Boy, did that teach me to not attach my self worth to external successes and failures!


After college for years, I moved to places where I knew no one and was super lonely, and I lived in other places where I thrived and became a leader amongst my peers and colleagues. Those experiences taught me that the external world will throw me ups and downs. It's what I do with them, and how I stay balanced through it all, that determines how I feel in my inner world at the end of the day. All the while, I kept my regular routine of going to the gym.


As it turns out, we have experiences; we are not our experiences. We have thoughts; we are not our thoughts. We have fears, but we have a choice about whether or not we let them own us or rather push on in spite of them. It's lessons like these that have helped shape me and influence how I navigate throughout the world and how I coach my clients. 

Another thing about me: I thrive on growth. Don't get me wrong-- growth is really hard. It hurts sometimes. It's uncomfortable. But growth is invaluable to me. I love to experience it, and I love to witness it in others. In fact, I can't think of much else that lights me up quite like being a part of the process with a client when they are pushing beyond the walls of comfort for a reward that makes them feel even more alive, whether it's reaching new personal physical goals, or they are living a more aligned, authentic life.

If you're ready to put yourself first to achieve your fitness or lifestyle goals, I'd love to help.


Schedule your free consultation now, or send me a message with your questions or comments.  

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