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Do you have that nagging pain between your shoulder blades or the all-too-familiar sciatica pain down your legs? Maybe you want to simply feel better or more easily shake off that morning stiffness.


I’m Dr. Anna Skaggs, a physical therapist who treats patients just like you every day. I’ve been working in outpatient clinics for years helping people bounce back from orthopedic injuries and eliminate pain. I’m also a certified yoga instructor, a former collegiate athlete, and an avid cross-trainer and outdoor enthusiast. I weave all of these influences into my practice to help people optimize their own function and get back to the activities they love. Now I bring you Mountains & Motion so that you can have the knowledge to help yourself with common "household" aches and pains.

But M&M is not just about eliminating pain. It's about optimizing your movement and well-being, because so often one affects the other. If you're in need of some motivation to keep moving or are wanting tips to foster more positivity, you can also find it here. I still remember my high school gym teacher telling me, "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything." Amen to that. So enjoy Mountains & Motion- your resource for reducing pain, improving function, and cultivating a more thriving well-being. 



Dr. Anna Skaggs, Physical Therapist

Whether it's in the clinic, via my ebook, teaching yoga or volunteering, my mission is to improve my corner of the world by helping people live healthier, happier lives. This is often achieved by helping people reduce pain and improve their quality of movement. As a result, people get to better do what they love, leading to more active participation in the world.

Read more below about how I strive to contribute to better movement and well-being in my community.

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Professional Profile

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Outpatient Physical Therapist

I am a full-time physical therapist in a thriving outpatient clinic in the high Rockies of Colorado. I primarily treat individuals with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal impairments, and I enjoy treating student athletes and people returning to sport.  I am a certified Functional Dry Needling therapist and incorporate manual therapy, dry needling, and corrective exercise techniques regularly in my practice.


One of my favorite parts of the body to treat is the upper back (thoracic spine). I have written The Simple Cure to Neck and Upper Back Pain to assist people in transforming their pain and tightness in this region to relief and ease in as little as 10 minutes a day. This book is founded on evidence-based, physical therapy principles. It describes why attention to this area of the body is so important then provides simple, easy-to-follow descriptions of the program to start seeing changes Day One.

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Certified Yoga Instructor & Wellness Advocate

l am a proud Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Republic of Benin, 2007-2009). During my time in Peace Corps I learned the value of listening to people's needs (not assuming I know what they are) and being an advocate for people's health and wellness. I returned to the States and shortly after became a certified yoga instructor. I now weave these experiences into my PT practice and daily life. I thrive on educating patients about how they can improve their impairments and be an active participant in their healing.


Physical therapy tips and tricks are my primary focus, but I sprinkle in a little insight about yoga, wellness, and volunteer service occasionally too. I cite my references so you can be assured the information is valid, and I keep the message simple to bridge the gap between research and practical application. In other words, I'm putting my years of knowledge and experience on these topics into terms you can easily understand and use immediately.

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