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Ebooks are the perfect way to get a ton of information packaged in a condensed way, and the information is always at your fingertips. How convenient!


I wrote The Simple Cure to Neck and Upper Back Pain because I teach these principles to patients on a daily basis and realized it was time to get the information out into the world. 

Experience the power of improved motion with less pain today!

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This eBook is currently unavailable online due to formatting reconstruction. If you are interested in a PDF or spiral-bound version, please email Anna directly.

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The Simple Cure to Neck and Upper Back Pain

Transform Pain and Tightness to

Relief and Ease in 10 Minutes a Day

By Dr. Anna Skaggs, PT, DPT

The best part about this book: the Gentle, Moderate, and Advanced versions of each exercise means there's something for everyone!

The Simple Cure to Neck and Upper Back P
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