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Five Easy Steps to Recommitment

I’ve been feeling a need to recommit recently.

I want to recommit to the things that I value and want to create in my life, such as writing these posts and making that a priority each month, recommitting to my daily activity goal (30 minutes of movement a day in the month of December…..who’s with me?), and recommitting to my financial goals. There are many things I want to focus on, and I think it’s this last month of the year that’s drawing this out of me. I’m big on new beginnings (therefore, also on endings) and so knowing this is my last “chance” to get myself on track in 2021 is the driving force here.

You see, I read something the other day that went something like this: Most people have the attitude of taking the weeks around the holidays off, taking it easy. After all, it feels good, and all of the gatherings and holiday events make for such an easy excuse! But what happens when January rolls around? We say, “Well that was fun, but now what?”, and we look around in a bit of a post-holiday/post-food coma stupor and try to jump back on our bandwagon of resolutions, commitments, and “I’ll try better this year.”

When I write that it leaves me with a feeling like I’m standing at the starting line but already behind! It doesn’t feel good.

So what about this? What about finishing up this final month of the year with a sense of vigor, intention, and (dare I say) passion? It takes effort. But you know what else it does? It sets a totally new tone for not only the remainder of the year but for the new year to come. It says, “I’m in control, and I’m creating what I say I want to create!” How powerful does that feel?!

This is all coming from a personal place, I’ll have you know. I do notice that things have been feeling challenging recently. I tend to sit with that feeling for a day (or a week) or two, and once I recognize it for what it is, it drives me to ask, “so what am I going to do about it?”

And so here I am, projecting this out into the world– inviting you to join me. Because, hey, I find strength in numbers and if I know others are doing something with me, I stay committed much more.

So are you ready to recommit to something with me?

If you are, I'd like to offer one way to navigate this process of recommitting:

First decide, what is it you want to recommit to for the remainder of December? Take some time to discover that.

Then ask yourself, “Why do I want this?” Really dig deep here. Your "Why" is your motivating factor, so find out what that is then keep it in the forefront of your mind. Write it down on sticky notes around your house. Put a reminder in your phone to see daily. Do whatever works for you to remember why you want what you want in the end.

Next, inquire: “What is getting in the way right now from being as committed as I want to be?” Be honest with yourself. Is the temptation of hitting play on another Netflix show too tempting? Do you stay up too late, so you’re not getting out of bed when you intend to in order to squeeze in your morning routine? Take a magnifying glass to your daily life and get up close and personal to look at your behavior. (Make sure it’s without judgement. Just be a detective and see what your roadblocks are.) List those barriers to your ultimate goal.

Then, look at that list of barriers to your desired behavior and find an antidote to each barrier. Seriously, write this down. Make a list one-for-one: one barrier, then what's something that can counteract that barrier?

Lastly, brainstorm to reveal a plan that is personalized to you where you set yourself up for success. This is key. What works for you won’t work for the next person. Don’t try to mimic what others do. This will require giving a little bit in your daily life, no doubt. But hopefully by making some tweaks to incorporate those antidotes to the barriers currently in place, you will ultimately get the behavior -and outcome!- you seek.

Let me leave you with an example of how this works:

A busy working mom wants to pursue continuing education for her professional development, but she’s finding it challenging to study for her course because as soon as she walks in her front door after work, her family demands her time and attention. Therefore she doesn’t get any studying done at home, and she feels stressed and behind.

Her recommitment: Making studying a priority in her life.

Why is this important: She values professional growth and wants to honor her personal commitment to this course.

The barrier: She has no space or time for quality studying at home.

The antidote: She goes to work early and/or stays late 30 minutes each day to carve out uninterrupted study time during her work week.

Remember, this is just one example. Maybe her solution would never work for you. Perhaps you can't find daycare for that extra 30 minutes in the day, so you creatively discover a different solution for more study time in the week.

There’s no right time or right way to commit. Just a right time or a right way for YOU. Each situation is different and only you know what will work for you.

Whether you’re recommitting to your fitness and health, to your work to-do list, or something in your interpersonal life, there will always be barriers. But there are always solutions to be found as well.

So what are your barriers, and more importantly, what are your solutions? Write me below and let me know what you're recommitting to. I'd love to hear.

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