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My Top 3 Physical Therapy Resources for Patients

As you may have heard, October is National Physical Therapy Month! (Check out my post here to learn all the many ways physical therapists can help you!) I’m a huge fan of this profession because of the positive changes physical therapists make in people’s lives every day, and there’s ample data out there suggesting that receiving physical therapy is cost effective for you and our healthcare system too. (Read here and here for more info.)

Below are 3 tremendous resources for you to check out if you want to learn more about how physical therapy can help you on your journey to physical recovery. - This is the American Physical Therapy Association's website for public user information. Here you can search and read about your specific condition, listen to podcasts, and learn through articles and videos about how physical therapy can positively impact your recovery, general movement, and quality of life with interventions founded on evidence-based information. - Visit the American Physical Therapy Association’s official website. The thing I love best about this site for patients specifically is the ability to search for a physical therapist by region and specialty. You can also learn more about the profession and be directed to a resource for the public by clicking on the “For the Public” tab on the top right portion of the top banner. - For the research-minded individual, The Journal of Orthopedic and Sport Physical Therapy is the peer-reviewed publication distributed by APTA’s Orthopedic Section. It is the resource for the latest research in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation. But don't be deterred by all of the research jargon if that's not your thing. There is a section specifically designed for patients that has information about different diagnoses, clear explanations of how PT can assist with these conditions, and what interventions you can do to help yourself. To find it on the website, click on the For Patients tab in the middle banner on their homepage. This brings up a list of one-page resources called “Perspectives for Patients” that you can scroll through to find your condition and read for free.

Here are three examples of these "Perspectives for Patients":

Whether you are experiencing minor aches and pains or are recovering from an injury or surgery, find a physical therapist near you and begin your road to recovery today!

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