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Contemplating Life in Transition

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been in transition.

I am transitioning toward motherhood. I am 39 weeks pregnant and anticipate the arrival of my little one any day or week now. While I’ve known for 9 months that this official transition is coming, these last 8 weeks or so have felt very real, full of lots of emotions along the spectrum.

Simultaneously, I’ve been thinking about the circle of life. While I am anticipating bringing life into this world, a couple different people close to me have experienced the loss of life of those dear to them, and my heart is grieving for these friends. My heart also grieves for those whose lives are in turmoil from war. It’s a funny thing, this life. The spectrum ranging from loss and hardship to beauty and expansion and joy is real. I’ve certainly experienced it all recently.

My task has been to be open and present with all the emotions, to feel them all fully and accept them for a more enriching experience. I view it as my metaphor in preparation for birth: Stay present with it all.

In Buddhism, there are recitations called “The Five Remembrances.” In a nutshell, they’re reminders that we all will eventually grow old and die, and things change. It sounds morbid, I know. But the point of the practice is to remember that in order to actually live each moment more fully and with greater joy. I am no expert at this, I’ll have you know. But I try. It’s called a “practice” for a reason. I practice at it. And that’s what these last handful of weeks have brought me back to.

My invitation for you is to do the same. Read each question below and breath it in while you contemplate:

  • In what moments of daily life can you pause and soak in the beauty around you?

  • Where can you feel joy and stay present with it?

  • Can you sit with the uncomfortable feelings, knowing they’re a part of life too, instead of pushing them away or distracting yourself?

My hope is that by staying present with the whole spectrum of emotional life, your experience is more fulfilling and richer as a result. And it just may help you through your transitions, too.

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